Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to you...

My dear, sweet Skyler had her 7th birthday yesterday. And, like most moms, I just HAD to commemorate the occasion with some picture taking. And, I just HAD to include the added difficulty of making Skyler and Rosie wear homemade party hats. Many pictures later, we ended up with this:

You can tell Sky wasn't too happy with any of this. Rosie, on the other hand, was pretty long as we did it on her terms, and that meant she wasn't moving from her bed.

So, in fairness to Sky, here is a better picture of her (still not that great) and a just ok pic of Rosie.

In honor of Sky's birthday, they both got to split a little treat of canned, soft dog food which they only get on birthdays. And, Sky got a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday sung to her.

Funny how they both now know the birthday song. When it gets sung to me or John on our respective birthdays, Sky and Rosie get all excited because they think they are getting a special treat! We can't even whistle the tune anymore. They really get pretty excited about it!

Thanks for peeking!

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Crafty Creations said...

Just had to comment on this! How cute!! My Nolie's birthday was yesterday - she turned 8 years old- but I was a terrible mom and didn't do anything. Will have to make up for that today!!!
Give them both a kiss from me :)