Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome Baby Harper!

WHERE in the world has the month of June, 2011 gone????????
It has flown by for about you?
Sorry about the lack of posting after I said earlier in the month I'd be better.  Hmmmmmm.  

On to the card.
I made this card for dear friends, Colleen and Randy, on the birth of their granddaughter to their son and daughter in law.  They just received the card this week.   Harper was born several months ago, February or March, perhaps?  And, I've just gotten around to it.  Actually it's been on my radar forever.  Just needed to get the rest of my supplies down to Florida to do the job.  Then, had to get them unpacked.  Tried to make the card in my head that had been in my head forever with the supplies and couldn't get it to come together.  Back to the drawing board.  Freehanded the pattern for this card.  In case anyone is wondering, it is a baby girl dress.   Just clarifying this, because after I finished it all up and patted myself on the back, I showed it to my husband, who promptly declared, "Oh, what a pretty grandma dress!"  Ego deflated.  

But, I knew deep down in my heart that Colleen would know what it was...and she did....AFTER declaring, "Oh, but our daughter is having a boy!"(due any day now).   After reading the comments inside the card, she did.  

Yes, this card has given me a few chuckles, and, I am the only one to blame, but at least I got the dang card to them before Harper started college!  Sorry, Colleen and Randy, for the delay!

As stated above, I made the pattern, used patterned paper from my stash (Making Memories, I think), ric rac and flower trim from JoAnns, and the lacy edge around the neckline is cut from a Martha Stewart doily.

Thanks for peeking!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well, it's better & An Anniversary Card

Yes, it's been awhile.
Three weeks, or so, I've been told.  According to Pauline.
I've been busy these last 3 weeks.  Got the room fairly organized.  Have made A LOT of cards...which I shall reveal over the next few days weeks.  I've really been missing out on all the challenges and am looking forward to getting back in the swing of them.  

So, first.  The pics you've all been waiting for.

As you can see, I now have some "moving about" room.  Yes, the room is quite small, but I am quite happy with how it is currently configured.   I don't have far to go to find anything and I've put all items that I use on most cards right at my fingertips.  Eventually, I will have cabinets and countertops to house all my stuff and this setup has actually been a trial run on how and where I want certain items.  Out of the 3 rooms I've had over the course of 3 houses, I think I am going to like this one the best.  Because it is small, believe it or not!  I am hoping with the cabinet/countertop configuration I will be able to have play room for a friend, whereas now, I have no room for anyone else but me.

On to the card....
This past friday, my hubby and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, we bought ourselves matching lanai (patio) romantic!   And, I gave him this card:

No, this wasn't an original idea...I kind of cased it from here:     As you can see, it is similar, but not exact.  When it came time to make my card, I couldn't remember where I saw the original, so I had to rely on my fuzzy memory.  And, I'm happy with my result.

Until next time, thanks for peeking!