Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poor Rosie!

Is this the saddest, pitiful-est face you've ever seen?

A week after surgery, Rosie is doing well. The incisions are healing nicely, but they are a bit itchy. So, as much as she would like to be free of them, she must continue to wear the collar and an old t-shirt of mine. We did try little baby socks on her back feet, but she was able to pull them off.

She's not the happiest of campers....she loves to play and chew with her toys but the collar prevents her from doing that. She can pick them up and carry them around, but it's just not the same...

And doorways have been a bit of a problem. She struggles with how much room she has to give herself to go through one without crashing into it.

There is a bright side....Skyler is afraid of the collar and keeps her distance from Rosie...which is just fine by Rosie!The good news is that the 3 lumps that were removed, 2 fibroids and 1 cyst were all benign. The stitches and staples come out next week.

Thanks for peeking!


Joyce said...

God love it!! I wish her a speedy recovery, as I KNOW I would not want to have to wear this contraption!

Jenny Gropp said...

Those collars are something else! The best to Rosie, hope she is collar free soon!

Colleen said...

That first picture of Rosie is just priceless! Poor thing!!! You know she's probably embarrassed that you took her picture like that. LOL